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Sun Microsystems
Corporate information

Sun Microsystems is a Silicon Valley-based computer, semiconductor and software manufacturer.
Sun's products include computer servers and workstations based on the SPARC processor, the SunOS and Solaris operating systems, the NFS network file system, the Java platform, and (together with AT&T) the standardization of Unix System V Release 4. Its less successful ventures include the NeWS window system, the OpenLook graphical user interface, and Unix thin clients (diskless workstations).

The initial design for Sun's UNIX workstation was conceived when the founders were graduate students at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The company name SUN originally stood for Stanford University Network (which is reflected in the company's stock symbol, SUNW). The company was incorporated in 1982 and went public in 1986. Founders include Vinod Khosla, Scott McNealy, Bill Joy and Andy Bechtolsheim.

Chip markings:
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23 Sun Microsystems chips in collection: show thumbnails
   SuperSPARC TMX390Z50GF-40
   SuperSPARC TMX390Z52GF STP1020APGA-60
 microSPARC II
   microSPARC II STP 1012, 70 MHz
   microSPARC II STP 1012A, 85 MHz
   microSPARC II STP 1012, 110 MHz
   SuperSPARC II STP 1021APGA, 85 MHz
   UltraSPARC STP 1030, 143 MHz
   UltraSPARC STP 1030, 200 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 250 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 250 MHz (w/ Bolts)
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 300 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 336 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032A, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032A, 450 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1040, 333 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1430, 360 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1430, 440 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIe SME 1701, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIe SME 1701, 500 MHz
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052A
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052B, 900 MHz
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052B, 1015 MHz