engineering sample samples qualification cpu processor prozessor information mhz pictures core frequency chip packaging info ic x86 museum collection amd cyrix harris ibm idt iit intel motorola nec sgs sgs-thomson siemens ST signetics mhs ti texas instruments ulsi hp umc weitek zilog 4004 4040 8008 808x 8085 8088 8086 80188 80186 80286 286 80386 386 i386 Am386 386sx 386dx 486 i486 586 486sx 486dx overdrive 80187 80287 387 487 pentium 586 5x86 386dlc 386slc 486dx2 mmx ppro pentium-pro pro athlon duron z80 sparc alpha dec dirk oppelt
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CPU collection sites
Marcin's collection of mostly x86 processors with pictures and information on families. Has a forum (Polish / English)
The Antique Chip Collector's Page. Very useful information about different aspects of chip collection (English)
Chris CPU collection
Small collection of mostly x86 processors (Estonian)
Tonyo's CPU collection (French)
Chiptalk's collection with forum (combined forum with (English)
Skold's CPU collection Wiki (English)
Job Seesink's CPU-INFO.COM, x86 Processor info you need to know (English)
Henrik's CPU collection site (Swedish)
CPU Museu
Did2A's discontinued collection website in Corsica (English)
CPU / microprocessor - information in a range of 2 -16 bit (English)
Grampa's with forum and marketplace (English)
Franz' nice collection of old and rare Intel processors (English)
Tom's CPU pages with shop for very nice CPU posters (Czech / English)
pictures of known CPUs, also a great historical document over the development of the CPU. (English)
Borris' CPU-Sammlung (German)
The CPUShack
John's very comprehensive collection of processors and EPROMs (English)
Gennadiy's great collection with forum and lots of info on CPUs, FPUs and MCUs (English)
Mats' amazing collection of early processor rarities with high quality pictures (English)
French CPU collector's community website (French / English)
Edgar's CPU collection site (German)
Collection of prototype and sample CPUs, part of the network (English)
Exian's CPU Museum
Exian's CPU collection website (Hungarian)
Japanese CPU collection
konfucious CPU-Sammlung
German collector's site (English)
Christian Siebert's collection of more than 1000 processors (German)
The Intel Collection
gmanbc's collection of more than 900 different classic Intel chips with many rare and unique parts (English)
United Processors
Slava's CPU collection site based in Ukraine. Has many Eastern Bloc processors (English)
Chinese old hardware collectors site with forum (Chinese)
CPU information - The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information (English)
CPU+Mainboard FAQ (German)
Chip directory (English)
CHIPLIST 9.9.5 by Aad Offerman (English)
Processor Emporum (UK) (English)
The Red Hill Guide to Computer Hardware (English)
Microprocessor Types and Specifications (English, PDF) Intel processors (German)
Intel Pentium Processors-Quick Reference Guide (sSpec-Numbers, English)
Intel Processor Spec Finder (English)
Intel Technical Specifications (English)
CPU identification
Identification d'un Processeur - Intel processor identification (English)
IC markings logo overview (English/Russian)
IC-ID Integrated Circuit Identification (English)
Identification of IC manufacturer by logo (English)
CPU datasheets
Good ressource, database of some million datasheets (English)
Powered By (English)
Global electronic component datasheet locator (multi language)
chip packaging
Intel Processor Package Type Guide (English)
Intel Packaging Databook (English)
TI Packaging Information - Package Reference Guide (English)
Electronic Packaging - Advanced Concepts (English, PDF)