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Alpha AXP class ICs
Alpha AXP information
The DEC Alpha is a RISC microprocessor originally developed and fabbed by DEC. DEC used it in their own line of workstations and servers. Designed as a successor to the VAX line of computers, it supported the VMS operating system, as well as the DEC flavour of UNIX. Later open source operating systems also ran on the Alpha, notably certain BSD systems. Microsoft supported the processor in earlier versions of Windows NT.

The 64-bit processor was introduced in 1992 running at 200MHz. It was designed as a 64-bit architecture with superpipelining and superscalar design. At the time, DEC touted it as the world's fastest processor. In July 1996 it was clocked at 500 MHz (the 21164PC), in March 1998 at 666 MHz and in May 2000 at 731MHz (the 21264PC). 1GHz and faster pieces were announced in 2001 (the 21364PC or EV-7), and are available since 2003 at 1.1GHz and upwards. Around 500,000 Alpha based systems were sold to end 2000.

Comment by VMUNIX (
The first 64bit Risc CPU in the world designed to replace the Cisc DEC VAX, many of the features of the Pentium processor such as Branch Prediction were *cough* copied *cough* directly from the AXP.
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  Alpha AXP
   Alpha AXP 21-35023-13 (21064-AA, 150 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-35023-21 (21064, 190 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-35023-21 (21064, 200 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-35023-12 (21064, 200 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-40532-03 (21064-BB, 233 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-40532-04 (21064-DB, 275 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-40532-08 (21064-P1, 275 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-40532-06 (21064-EB, 300 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-40658-17 (21164-BA, 300 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 21-43918-45 (21164-P8, 533 MHz)
   Alpha AXP 211PC-03 (21164PC, 533 MHz)