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OverDrive class ICs
OverDrive information

Intel OverDrive processors are a category of various Intel CPUs that were produced to upgrade computers.

ODP is the acronym for Over Drive Processor, however most OverDrives are ODPR (Over Drive Processor Replacement) chips: To upgrade a computer to a new processor you just replace it with the new one. Their interfaces appear to the motherboard like an older chip, so you don't need to worry about whether or not the motherboard supports the higher speeds. ODP chips (like the DX2ODP66 or the ODP486SX-25) in contrast were made for additional sockets on the mainboard, the Performance Upgrade Socket.

On older versions Intel labeled the OverDrive chips with the external local bus speed they supported, like the ODP486SX-25 and ODPR486DX-33. Since all these OverDrive chips have the clock doubling feature, it was assumed by Intel that everyone knows that the CPU runs at twice the bus speed internally.
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  i486 OverDrive
   OverDrive ODP486SX-25
   OverDrive ODPR486DX-25
   OverDrive ODPR486DX-25 (V3.0)
   OverDrive ODPR486DX-33
   OverDrive ODPR486DX-33 w/o Cooler
   OverDrive ODPR486DX-33 (V3.0)
   OverDrive DX2ODP50
   OverDrive DX2ODP66 (V4.0)
   OverDrive DX2ODPR66 (V3.0)
   OverDrive DX2ODPR66 (V4.0)
   OverDrive DX4ODP75
   OverDrive DX4ODPR75 (V1.1)
   OverDrive DX4ODPR100 (V1.0)
   OverDrive DX4ODPR100 (V1.1)
  Pentium OverDrive
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V63
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V83
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V133
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V125
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V150
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V166
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT66X166
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT60X180
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT66X200
  P II OverDrive
   Pentium II OverDrive PODP66X333