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Corporate information

Cypress Semiconductor began operations in 1982 and listed publicly in 1986. Two years later, the company shifted over to the NYSE under the symbol, (NYSE:CY). Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, and it has divisions in the United States, India and the Philippines. As of 2003, it has 4,000 employees and sales of 836.8 million US dollars.

Cypress was one of Sun's major processor suppliers for the SPARCstation 1 and 2 product lines, but then systems have shifted to CPUs built by Texas Instruments. Although Cypress' initial success came from manufacturing Sun designs, it attempted to win future sales by designing its own hyperSPARC processor. The new design failed to offer enough of an advantage over Sun's SuperSPARC. In 1993 Cypress has decided to bail out of the SPARC chip business, selling its ROSS Technology division to Fujitsu for $23 million.

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   SPARC CY7C601-40GC
   SPARC CY7C601-40