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Corporate information

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA. The company manufactures and sells computer hardware, software and services.

With its 316,000 employees worldwide and revenues of $80 Billion (figures from 2000), it is the largest and oldest Information Technology (IT) company in the world. Because of its size and its blue logo, the company is informally referred to as Big Blue.

IBM originated as the Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) Corporation, which was incorporated on June 15, 1911 in Binghamton, New York. This company was a merger of the Tabulating Machine Corporation, the Computing Scale Corporation and the International Time Recording Company. The president of the Tabulating Machine Corporation at that time was Herman Hollerith. In 1924, CTR changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation.

Chip markings:
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   CG80286-6 C
   486-2V266GB relabeled
   5x86-3V3 100HF
   6x86 w/o P-Rating
   6x86 P120+
   6x86 P150+
   6x86 P166+
   6x86 P166+, 3.5V
   6x86 P200+
   6x86L P150+
   6x86L PR166+
   6x86L PR200+
   6x86MX PR166, 66 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR200, 66 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR233, 75 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR300, 75 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR300, 66 MHz Bus, black
   PowerPC 601, PPC601FD-080-2
   PowerPC 601v, PPCA601v5FC1002
   PowerPC 601v, PPCA601v5FE1002
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evFB180r
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evBB200r
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evFB200r
   PowerPC 603e2, PPC603e2BA240r
   PowerPC 403GC, PPC 403GC-JA33C1
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604FC1202PQ
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BC120C
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BE133aC
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BE133aCPQ
   PowerPC 604e, XPPC604eBC166aC relabeled
   PowerPC 604e, PPC604e2BE233eE
   PowerPC 604e, PPC604e2PE233dE
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--DB0M266
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--EB0M266
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--EB5M300
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750L-EB0A450
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750FX-680533T