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Corporate information

Founded in 1993, Rise Technology Company was a supplier of x86 CPU solutions that are optimized for low-power multimedia notebook and desktop basic PC systems.

Rise was headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices located in Taipei and Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. The company was aiming for the ultra-low end of the x86 market. Their processors are rated at higher "PR" ratings than their actual chip clock speed, much like some of Cyrix's processors. The mP6-166 was aimed at set-top boxes and terminals. The faster versions were planned to be used in low-cost laptops and desktops. The mP6 is a very low-power chip. It processes up to three MMX instructions per clock cycle.

Rise was a fab-less chip maker, meaning it did not manufacture its own chips but relied on outside foundries, including Taiwan's UMC, which was an investor in Rise.

In February 2000 Rise has licensed STMicroelectronics to use Rise cores in system-on-chip (SOC) applications for Internet appliances. Rise also got second source rights to STMicroelectronics' PC-on-a-chip product called the STPC. The two companies planned to jointly develop, market, and sell SOC solutions.

However, Rise was not successful in the x86 market and later decided to target the Internet appliance market in mid 2000.
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