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Corporate information

Thomson SA, formerly known as Thomson Multimedia is a multinational electronics manufacturer and media services provider headquartered in Boulogne, France. The company has almost 60,000 employees (as of 2004), in 30 countries worldwide.

Thomson is named after the English electrical engineer Elihu Thomson. He formed the Thomson-Houston Electric Company in 1879 with Edwin Houston. The company merged with the Edison General Electric Company to become the General Electric Company in 1892. In 1893, the Compagnie Francaise Thomson-Houston (CFTH) was formed in Paris, a sister company to GE in the United States. It is from this company that the modern Thomson Group would evolve.

In 1987 the Thomson semiconductor group merged with SGS Microelettronica of Italy to form SGS-Thomson. In May 1998, the company changed its name to STMicroelectronics.

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