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Corporate information

Weitek Corporation was a former chip-design company that originally concentrated on floating point units for a number of commercial CPU designs.
During the early to mid-1980s, Weitek designs could be found powering a number of high-end designs and parallel processing supercomputers. During the early 1990s most CPU designs started including FPUs built-into the system, basically "for free", and Weitek made a series of attempts to break into the general CPU and graphics driver market. By 1995 the company was almost dead, and in late 1996 the remains were purchased by Rockwell Semiconductor and quickly disappeared.

Chip markings:
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8 Weitek chips in collection: show thumbnails
   SPARC 8701
 386 FPU
   Abacus 3167, 20 MHz
   Abacus 3167, 25 MHz
   Abacus 3167, 33 MHz
   3170 020-GCD
   3170 025-GCD
   3172A 025-GCD