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IBM 5x86
  IBM 5x86-3V3 100HF
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The IBM/Cyrix 5x86 Processor
The IBM 5x86 is an IBM made Cyrix 5x86 processor. The 5x86 utilizes efficient fifth-generation (Pentium class) architectural features to significantly improve performance while minimizing transistor count. It achieves this performance using a superpipelined architecture in the integer unit combined with data forwarding, branch prediction, a 16-KByte unified write-back cache, single-cycle instruction decode, and single-cycle execution.
The processor's built-in power-saving features automatically power down the Floating Point Unit (FPU) and other idle internal circuits, while the System Management Mode (SMM) conserves power flowing to system peripherals.
The IBM/Cyrix 5x86 processor is an example of Cyrix's strategy to design next-generation processor architectures that leverage existing designs. It is available in a 168-pin PGA or a 208-pin QFP package with standard 486 pinout. Though it's installed in a P24D socket on a 486 motherboard, the motherboard must have a BIOS that will support the 5x86.
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IBM 5x86-3V3 100HF
IBM 5x86-3V3 100HF Top Side
IBM 5x86C
IBM26 5x86-3V3 100HF
IBM 5x86-3V3 100HF Back Side
1995 CYRIX
IBM9314 P48049
50H6281 PQ
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Core Frequency:100 MHz
Board Frequency:33 MHz
Clock Multiplier:3.0
Data bus (ext.):32 Bit
Address bus:32 Bit
Circuit Size:0.65
Voltage:3.3 V
L1 Cache:16 KB
Package Type:Ceramic
Socket: 3
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